Yoga Class

Yoga health benefits: increase flexibility and muscle strength, injury protection, balance, core stability

The practice of yoga started over 5,000 years ago and is now recognized worldwide for its many benefits. As a healing, moving meditation, yoga helps individuals with flexibility, strength, balance, and stress-relief.

Yoga is a practice suitable for every body; as we move through the poses, we focus on breath work while building stronger bones, a more stable core and increasing joint mobility.

We offer a variety of yoga classes:

  • Hatha: Beginner friendly, slow movement, longer holds, deep stretch
  • Restorative: Beginner friendly, deep release for postural muscles, safe for injury recovery, and pre/post natal
  • Power Vinyasa/ Hatha Flow: faster-paced class, focused on strength.Great for those familiar with beginner-friendly yoga
  • Hot Yoga: a Hatha class taking place in an infrared heated room
  • Functional Yoga: A class designed to help assist in everyday activity and movement
  • Yoga Move: A challenging, all-levels class combining yoga with off the mat movement

Incorporating a regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health benefits. It’s also a great compliment to a strength training program.